RockArt: Randy Fung

Pause People,

I enjoy rock posters for a few reasons, but mostly for the artist’s personal stories about how they started creating posters and where they find inspiration. It seems most artists follow the same road of rock poster serendipity, and we the people benefit greatly. You know the story. They create posters for fun, decide to design one for their favorite band coming to town, their favorite band digs the work…and the rest is history.

I’m a fan of Randy Fung from Seattle, Washington because he’s just getting started down this road, but his posters deliver as if he’s already arrived at rock poster stardom. Randy is one of the best at bringing a time specific vibe to a poster. Most appreciated is the bold mystery in each of his designs.

We’re showcasing Randy’s Doves poster, inspired by ‘Black and White Town’ and promoting the Some Cities release. I dig this poster because the building conveys the anonymity of suburbia. Please check out the rest of Randy’s work and I think you’ll become an instant fan like me.

Randy Bake