Review: Sera Cahoone

Sera Cahoone’s newest release “Only As The Day Is Long” is no surprise. She had a stint as the drummer for Band of Horses, playing on their 2006 album “Everything All The Time,” and was also involved in the late indie band Carissa’s Weird. So, as with every recent Sub-Pop artist, the expectation was quality music. Sera Cahoone delivers.

This is exactly the type of music I swim in happily. On the album’s title track, a banjo guides us through verse and chorus, leading us around a windy road right into Sera’s wispy voice, telling us that “all this will pass, cause it’s only as the day is long.” This comfort at the end of the storm is what resonates in her lyrics. It’d be easy to call them sharp or pointed, but I think the little hints of hope are what make them work. Per most recent Sub-Pop releases, “Only As The Day Is Long” is a must-buy.

-Chris Bergman