Minus the Bear Show Review

Everybody gets this indescribable feeling when you walk into a huge, musk filled venue. I don’t know why, but I love that feeling, I live for that feeling. Sometimes I just go to random shows to satisfy my hunger for live music. This past weekend I went to the local venue, Bogarts, to see Minus The Bear for the first time. Portugal. The Man opened up the show with their new and improved line up. They were definitely interesting. I enjoyed the ambient feel of the music. The lead singers fashion sense was what popped out to me. More specifically, the multi-colored snowcap he was wearing. It was probably the sweetest snowcap I’ve ever seen. The bassist had great stage presence, and overall they were great to see live. The next band that played was The Big Sleep. I honestly have never heard of this band in my life. I definitely expected a band like this to open. They really didn’t catch my ear. They have a woman bassist, and there were only two other people in the band. They had a few sweet ambient breaks in some of their songs, but other then that I really didn’t catch on to much of there set. I was pretty bored. Minus the Bear finally comes on stage, and everybody went crazy. It was Minus the Bears first appearance in Cincinnati, so a lot people have been waiting to see them for a while now. They were definitely fun to watch. They looked like they were having fun, and I love that. There set was probably the longest set I’ve ever stood through in my life. It didn’t bother me. I love their music. They played probably around an hour and a half, so you can imagine all the amazing songs they played. They played everything from Spritz!!! Spritz!!! to Ice Monster off their new album. The best part of there set was their last song. The other two bands came out with masks on, and set up a bunch of drums around the stage and they all played throughout the song Ice Monster. It was a sight to see. Go see Minus the Bear.