Review: From A Second Story Window - Conversations

From a Second Story Window has come a long way from there first release, No One Word Has Been Omitted. That album was absolutely amazing, metal to the T. The second release, Delanda, was a more mature FASSW. With sweeter riffs and a wonderful display of talent ranging from all over the place. With their latest release, Conversations, they’ve outdone themselves. Maturation is at an all time high for this band, and it shows so much. Although they might scare metal-heads away from the record for actually singing a lot throughout the album, I feel like they just keep expanding their talent. The guitars on the whole album are as great as they have been, they just scream metal. With the opening song, Most of Us Are Normal, you get a feeling that FASSW has taken a complete 180 degree turn from their last two albums, Its melodic, simple, and actually pretty good. But don’t worry it gets much heavier throughout the album. The hardest song on this album I feel like is track number 5, The Burning Bush; it has breathtaking guitar screeches and amazing drum work. Although some of you might be scared to listen to this album, you absolutely have to. Give it a listen or two, and I’m sure that you’ll catch on to the new and improved FASSW.