Review: Wussy

“Left for Dead”

I hold in my hand evidence of a moment I feared would come, I have to do a review of a band that I have not heard before, nor have much of a vested interest in. But there is a good thing that has come out of doing this, and that is, I have discovered a gem of an album.

Say that Cincinnati has a great music scene. C’mon. I dare you. If you did, I would immediately come back with a girly backhand to your jawline, or if I’m feeling a little less physical: a list of bands in the Miami Valley that would put your careless comment to shame, along with your soul. Thankfully, I have the first band that may change my mind. Wussy is a band that came together by a happenstance collaboration, putting together some wonderful artists and poets from the City of Flying Pigs. Upon the first listen, I could not find my hold on the music, it seemed too distant and would slip away too fast to snag on to. But with my incredible ability to push replay, I was able to catch it. Lisa Walker and Chuck Cleaver hold in them a flood of creative power that makes for a sound that is rough yet smooth, frail yet solid, and does not quite hit you the first time, but slyly, gently coos it’s way into your heart. They’ve drawn upon the irregular country sound and throw in a bit of sweeping vocals that makes it a hard sell at times, but when you immerse yourself in it, the lyrics are what lead you to their destination. I found myself hearing new things every time I would re-listen to a song, catching hidden treasures that disguise themselves as never wanting to be found. It is, in that way, that I grew to love “Left for Dead.” It is an honest album, not meant to be catchy, but intelligent and loving, and that is something that is needed in music at present. There are too many bands out there that feel it necessary to dumb down the music and lyrics so that it will be accessible to the masses. This music does not want you to casually listen to it, it wants you to look it in the eyes and see what it really is.
-Ben Dishun