Review: The Dear Hunter

The Dear Hunter
“Act II: The Meaning of, and All Things Regarding Ms. Leading”

The Dear Hunter is the brainchild of former The Receiving End of Sirens guitarist Casey Crescenzo. Started as a side project, it became his main focus when he was kicked out of TREOS. Rumors say he was kicked out due to his desire to posses more creative control within the band. His role in The Dear Hunter shows this to be a distinct possibility. On Act II, Casey composed all the music, wrote the lyrics, mixed, engineered and produced the effort. Act II is the sequel to their debut EP Act I: The Lake South The River North. They are both part of a planned six album series of concept albums. They tell the story of the main character known as The Dear Hunter from his birth in Act I to his adolescence in Act II. Unlike most concept albums the story is very straight forward and easy to follow. The album flows as if it were a very well written novel as Casey’s lyrics do an incredible job of capturing everyday life and significant events one may face. As if the lyrics weren’t enough the composition combined with the musicianship just takes the album to the next level. The use of a wide variety of instruments allows for the audible expression of the mood to come through clearly. They use everything from a banjo to harps to an orchestra to convey the mood and emotion of the situations faced by the character. Casey’s departure from The Receiving End of Sirens was a disappointment to me at first because his contributions to the band’s first album Between the Heart and the Synapse was very prevalent. In the end I couldn’t be more happy with what has resulted. I greatly anticipate the next story in the saga of The Dear Hunter.
-Andy Young