Review: Change!

“A Music Video DVD”

The seventeen videos, and twenty-one songs on this compilation is what caught my eye. As I wandered through the track listings on the back, I automatically knew that this was going to be interesting to watch/listen to. The DVD starts off with a catchy riff from Chiodos. The video wasn’t that great, but I enjoyed the song way to much to change to the next one. As I was flipping through all these videos, I noticed a very diverse selection. It ranges from the British hardcore/punk band Gallows, to the band that no one can deny listening to them once in there life, Boys Night Out, which was probably my favorite on this whole DVD. Some others, As I Lay Dying, The Chariot, Converge, and Horse the Band.

The CD that comes with this compilation is also a very diverse selection of music. What automatically caught my eye was the Ohioans, The Devil Wears Prada, man they’re getting big. We love those boys here at Pause. Next to fam, almost. It also has new stuff from Parkway Drive, See You Next Tuesday, Chiodos, Job For A Cowboy, and a bunch of others. The whole CD is one excellent playlist to add to your iPod.

This is one of the best CD/DVD Compilations I’ve have seen in a long while. So if your into Metal, or Hardcore, or Punk, or Alternative, or (I could go on forever), I think you should go to the metalcore crack store, Hot Topic, when you’re buying your mesh arm sleeves and pick this one up.

-Andy Hayes