Between the Buried and Me - Show Review

As soon as I walked into the Mad Hatter, a cloud of hot and musty air hit me like my grandma’s macroni and cheese. I had thought that most of the HxC kids would have been right across the river to see Premonitions of War at the Scribble Jam Hardcore fest, but it seemed like Between the Buried and Me pulled them in the other direction. It was packed. I’m pretty sure I touched half of the guy’s butts there, while trying to squeeze through the crowd. The air was thick, the people smelled, and I’m not one for man on man action, but there was nothing that was going to stop me from seeing these boys rock out. I’ve waited three months for this day to come and it was finally here.

Three local bands played before the main set. Per usual, the monotony was brutal. The beer bottle near my foot was begging to be thrown on stage. It was typical breakdown hardcore for all the little scenesters to dance to. As soon as that third band was done, a sea of younger guys left the place, making it very clear they were only there to support their local buddies. Ahh, the Cincinnati music scene in action.

After the three local bands came three national acts: The End, Cephalic Carnage and The Red Chord. All were relatively entertaining, and great support for BTBAM. The Red Chord did an incredible job keeping everyone hyped, which was quite a task considering we’re a good three or fours into the night.

Finally, Between the Buried and Me took the stage to set up. The band I have admired for years was finally here. As soon as they started to play a big ole grin spread across my face.Seeing little itty bity Tommy Rogers pull such gutteral noises from his throat… inconceivable. Yep, like that bald guy says. BTBAM may have just won the top spot on the “Best Bands I’ve Ever Seen Live” list. The energy brought to the stage would make Iran jealous. Not only that, their precision was just as intense. I’ve never seen anything like it. Every single one of them were so precise on every pluck of the string, or beat of the drum, even Tommy was amazing at his keyboard. By the time they were done I looked in the mirror and yep, my face had melted right off. I was afraid that might happen. I had to sew it back on just to write this. Needless to say, they were worth the wait. Also, needless to say, if they are coming to your little corner of the earth, grab an extra face and make sure to check them out.

-Andy Hayes.