August Burns Red Review

Andy Hayes

The first time I picked up this guy, I thought to myself, “Oh great, another metal album that is going to be as cliché as their last.” I wasn’t impressed with their first release, Thrill Seeker. It kind of blended in with everything that the metal scene offered, and sophomore albums tend to be worse.

My only hope was in the loss of their lead singer and bassist. Maybe they would come out with something different. So I popped it in and gave it a listen. My face melted. The first couple tracks were infused with a sense of fun, adrenaline pumping metal. From the sick breakdowns in “Composure” to the finger flaming guitar solo in “The Balance”. Even the drumming in “The Eleventh Hour” just made my jaw drop. August Burns Red proved their talent. Lyrically, they still need a little work in the writing process, but they’re definitely on their way. I can’t stand the term “Metalcore” so I’m classifying this album as Melodic Metal. Even though they don’t have a lot of melodic breakdowns in this album, they do have some, and they fit perfectly.

I have to admit it, I’m impressed with what they have done. They’ve created this album with the intentions of it being different, and they’ve succeeded. Messengers was a genuine shock. So, no sophomore slump for these Lancaster dudes. If you’re into musically talented guys you should definitely pick this up. If you love great lyrics, this album’s not for you. But I’m telling you this album is going to be on my Zune for a long while. -AHayes

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