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Pause Magazine

Pause Magazine is a full color print magazine based out of Cincinnati, OH. Founded in 2007 by Chris and Nic Bergman, Pause covers the bleeding edge arts and culture. We are awesome. That is all.

Ben "The Dish" Dishun - Writer

Ben listens to music. A lot of it. So much so, that he often whistles. This is why every girl wants to date him. Yep, every girl. Ben is the living version of an indie comic hero. This may also play into the all girls liking him thing.

After fending off all the girls, ben likes to cool down with an ice cold latte, and read up on Lost theories. He’s getting a Dharma tattoo next week. Ben is reviewing a butt load of music this issue, per usual.

Andy Young - Writer

Frankly, we don’t know a whole heck of a lot about Andy Young. The man has good taste music. He looks sort of like Godzilla. Oh, and also, he tends to have car trouble. Not quite the music reviewer creditability, but the guy knows his stuff. Make sure to check out his reviews of Minus the Bear and Every Time I die.

Jonathan Willis - Photographer

Jon shoots really really pretty photos. He also has a mansion, and loves dive restaurants. The guy has figured out how to have a three course meal with only $3.50 in one’s pocket.

Jon has three kids. A wife too. Thank God he’s so rich. Actually, don’t believe that. Every photographer I know would smack me if I told them any other photographer was rich. Photographers don’t get rich, unless they work for tabloids, or shoot weddings. Thankfully, Jon just shoots pretty photos. He photographed Qwel and Seabird for us this issue.

We love Jon.

MC Roman Titus - Photographer

Roman is another one of our photographers. He also has an undying love for rap music. Don’t let him tell you any different. When we drove up to Cleveland for the Norma Jean shoot, Roman was rapping every word to songs by Jay Z and Sage Francis.

Roman can also tile floor. I, personally, find this fascinating. I, also personally, will be redoing my bathroom in the very near future. Coincidence? I think not.