Pause Magazine

Pause Magazine is a full color print magazine based out of Cincinnati, OH. Founded in 2007 by Chris and Nic Bergman, Pause covers the bleeding edge arts and culture. We are awesome. That is all.

Chris Bergman - Editor In Chief

Really? Do I have to write about myself? No quick quips about my awesomicity. I wanted to create a magazine about things that I really enjoy. I think there is a lot of amazing talent that isn’t getting enough coverage, or they are getting the coverage, but the interviews are really really boring. Plus I like good photos and art. It made sense. Hope you enjoy it. Contact:

Nic Bergman - Photo Editor

Nic made Brother Ali smile. I kid you not. I didn’t believe it either. Then she took a picture. She also has three cats and likes hair metal. And she’s married, so don’t think about it. Yeah, we all know you want a girl who likes hair metal. Too bad, I beat you to it. Contact:

Drew Dykstra - Writer

Pause Magazine does not condone smoking. In fact, we think it’s really gross. Apparently, though, if you watch enough noir flicks you can get away with it. Even if you were homeschooled growing up. Drew watched 421 movies in 2005. He wrote them all down. Then, he watched more movies the next year. Contact:

Andy Hayes - Writer, Promotions

Andy Hayes is 9 feet tall. He has flowing golden locks, a stardust smile, and a twinkle in his eye. He is Pause Magazine’s gentle giant. I like to refer to him as my own personal teddy bear, but I digress. Contact:

Andy likes metalcore. He also likes Reese cups. If Reese’s put out a metalcore band, Andy’s head would explode. They should do that, because then you either play the cd, or bite into it’s chocolate peanut buttery goodness.

Rudy Harris - Photographer

Rudy knows everyone in the world. If you do not know Rudy, then obviously you are no one important. Otherwise, you would know Rudy, and he would have photographed you with his massive cameras.

Rudy hopped a ride with Devil Wears Prada to meet us at Purple Door, and to shoot August Burns Red and Colour Revolt. Jon was supposed to go, but nooooo, he had to have a kid. Well, his wife did. Thankfully, Rudy, as usual, picked up the slack. That is a trooper my friends.